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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions (Effective 13.02.2014)
By confirming electronically and sending my application information I accept the terms and conditions of the GoBali program.
GoBali’s Services
As an agency working by order of the Udayana University in Bali, GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs) offers students a place at the Udayana University for one semester. GoBali does not teach at the Udayana University and therefore is not responsible for any contents of the lectures. Class is held by the Udayana University. GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs) is only acting intermediary, to help Udayana University to sell their study program. GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs) don‘t offer own products. GoBali does not offer any services regarding the organization of travel. Neither does GoBali arrange accommodation on Bali.
Students have to organize their travel and accommodation by themselves. GoBali offers recommendations on travel and accommodation to students. Furthermore, GoBali is offering help and advice to students regarding many other questions.
Responsibilities of Udayana University
Udayana University is fully responsible for all class held during the GoBali program. This includes direction, contents, lectures as well as the granting of credit points for passed courses.
GoBali is not responsible for any changes in the contents of lectures by Udayana University.
GoBali aims to inform students about possible changes.
Application for the GoBali program
The applicant should be fluent enough in English to understand lectures in English language.
Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
Application is possible either until the deadline stated on the GoBali website or until the program is full, whichever comes first. The number of participants to the program is limited. The application deadlines are obligatory. Applications after the deadline cannot be reviewed.
The minimum number of participants in the GoBali program is 15.
Compulsory Electives
The choice of the concentrations during the application procedure is only seen as a request. It does not necessarily mean that this concentration will take place. It depends on the number of students choosing the concentrations. Each concentration will take place in case it is chosen by an appropriate number of students.
At least one of those concentrations will take place.
Application and Payments
To apply for the GoBali program the application form on the GoBali website must be filled out. This application is binding. Directly after the application GoBali e-mails a confirmation of application containing a personal number as well as an invoice for the application fee of 49€. This application fee has to be paid no later than 14 days after application. If there is no receipt of payment after 14 days, the application – and thereby the reservation of the university place – becomes null and void.
After receipt of payment of the application fee an e-mail will be sent regarding the acceptance or denial to the program. This e-mail also contains the invoice for the tuition fee. The contract becomes binding with the receipt of this e-mail.
The tuition fee has to be remitted to the bank account of GoBali no later than eight weeks before the start of lectures. The student’s name in full as well as the matriculation number received from GoBali must be stated with all payments.
The fee for the GoBali program is 1849€.
The fee covers the registration fee for the university, the tuition fee, the exam fee, and expenses for tuition material. It does not cover the flight and other travel expenses, accommodation, expenses for food, insurances, visas, vaccinations as well as costs for medical care, further course material like books etc.
Vacation dates vary from semester to semester. There are no lectures during vacation. There is no compulsory attendance during vacation.
If the student does not take part in lectures and does not follow the rules of Udayana University, he or she is not entitled to get a refund of the tuition fee or to extend his or her participation in the GoBali program.
Attendance at lectures is compulsory.
An attendance rate of 75% is needed to be admitted to the final exams.
The student will receive the official certificate in digital form (PDF) approximately 6-10 weeks after the final exams to the email address stated in the application.
On request, the original certificates can be delivered via DHL Express to the student. The student will be charged with the additional costs, which he has to provide together with the address before the official end of the semester.
Canceling your application until 31.1. for the summer semester and until 30.6. for the winter semester is free. In that case please send us an email in order to inform us, containing your name and matriculation number.
If your cancellation is made between 1.2. until 28.2. for the summer semester and between 1.7. until 31.7. for the winter semester, 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded.
If you cancel later than 1.3. for the summer semester or after 1.8. for the winter semester or break off your studies in Bali, no refund of the tuition fee is possible. A transfer of the University place to another person is not possible.
A number of at least 15 students is needed by application deadline in order to run the GoBali program.
The program can be canceled by GoBali if the minimum number of students is not reached. In this case the payed tuition fee will be fully refunded.
The bank transfer fees for the refunded tuition fees will be paid fully by the student. GoBali is not responsible for other cancelation costs like flight, visa, insurances, bookings etc.
Passport and Visa
Every student has to arrange for a valid passport and visa as well as for accommodation and travel, the costs of which are the student’s concern. GoBali is not responsible for obstacles in travel which are the result of missing or inadequate documents or insufficient travel preparation.
All students participating in the GoBali program have to have a valid health and accident insurance. A travel health insurance is strongly recommended. Students are responsible for effecting all necessary insurances before the commencement of travel. Students are advised to inform themselves at their insurance company. An insurance covering the return transport to the respective home country of the student is especially important as GoBali does not compensate for that.
Students have to arrange for all vaccinations, especially those which are needed for entry into the target country. It is to be considered that all vaccinations must be valid for the whole stay.
Students are advised to consult their doctor about necessary vaccinations.
GoBali reserves the right to change the study program and the fees after the conclusion of the contract between the student and GoBali, if these changes are caused by reasons that cannot be affected by GoBali, like changes in official fees, taxes, currency rates, etc. GoBali does not assume liability for literal errors and reserves the right to change contract conditions and information about the program. GoBali aims to inform students about possible changes as quickly as possible.
GoBali does not take responsibility for failing to fulfill their obligations if the reasons for that are beyond control of GoBali, e.g. in case of force majeure or strikes and the like.
GoBali does not assume liability for personal injury, damage caused to someone’s health or property, and financial loss.
GoBali does not assume liability for failing to fulfill their obligations if the reasons for that are beyond control of GoBali, e.g. in case of force majeure or strikes and the like.
Choice of Law and Legal Venue
The law of the Republic of Singapore is applied to the contractual agreements between contractor and customer. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) cannot be applied.
Severability Clause
If a provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these terms and conditions.
How we use your data
GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs) undertakes to respect current data protection laws when collecting, processing and using any personal data submitted as a result of your internet visit.
We shall only use your personal data for the purposes set out in the data protection statement (for example for application, processing requests and providing internet services). Moreover, we shall only collect, process and use personal data when this is necessary to protect the valid business interests of GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs).
GoBali (Go Abroad Study Programs) can forward your personal data received from you to our business partners for marketing purposes, billing and accounting purposes and organisational purposes.